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General Terms & Conditions

These Product Purchase Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") apply to the purchase of products (the "Products") sold by Cloud City Drones. ("Cloud City Drones, LLC"). The purchaser of the Products (the "Purchaser") agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 

Safety Warning:

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Products are not toys. These safety instructions are intended not only for the protection of the UAVs but also to protect the safety of yourself and others. Improper operation may cause serious injury and property damage. In case of improper use, a UAV can be dangerous so please use every precaution possible. Cloud City Drones does not guarantee error-free behavior of the UAV, including without limitation its electronics or software.

Use at Own Risk; Other Users:

Purchaser agrees to use the Products at his/her own risk (this also applies to associated computer programs). Purchaser shall be responsible for ensuring that all users of the Products purchased by Purchaser comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Safe flying areas:

Purchaser agrees to refrain from operating UAV Products over people and to stay away from children and pets and abide by all FAA regulations and advisories. Purchaser agrees to stay clear of anything in the range of the UAV, or anything it could possibly collide with such as power lines, buildings, other UAVs etc.

Comply with local rules:

Purchaser agrees to comply in full with all local government rules, especially when flying near airports. Be sure to look up these regulations.

Safe Flying:

Purchaser agrees to use his/her best judgment and always practice safe flying techniques. Purchaser agrees not to fly the UAV Products in a manner that may result in damage or harm to persons, animals or property.


Purchaser agrees to conduct a thorough systems check before each flight and to conduct periodic maintenance of the Products.

Inexperienced Pilot:

Cloud City Drones is not responsible for inexperienced operators and is not accountable for the training or any equipment used in, on, or with the UAV Products. UAVs involve complicated machinery that presupposes a base knowledge of computer programming. If unfamiliar with programming or the Products, Purchaser agrees to take seek further information and assistance.


Cloud City Drones assumes no liability for damage or injury associated with the use of the Products. Cloud City Drones does not guarantee error-free behavior of the Products, including without limitation electronics, power packs or software.