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DJI Qualified Entities Program (QEP)

Conduct Public Safety Missions without Geo-Fencing Restrictions

The Qualified Entities Program (QEP) allows Government and Public Safety entities to have their DJI drone's altitude and geo-fencing limitations unlocked, so that they can conduct their drone operations without restrictions for a long period of time.

Why choose QEP over a regular FlySafe unlock?

QEP provides government and public safety entities geo and altitude unlock permissions for a longer period of time vs. a regular unlock request and can also cover a larger area.

Who can apply for the QEP Progam?

The QEP Program is designed for Government and Public Safety Entities (e.g. Fire Service, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Civil Defense, Law Enforcement, Border Control, etc.). If you are unsure if your organization qualifies please email

What is needed to apply for the QEP Program?

To apply you will need the following documentation:

  • QEP application form
  • Letter with agency letterhead requesting QEP unlock
  • Signed terms and conditions
  • Spreadsheet of flight controller serial number(s) and DJI account(s)
  • Copy of Part 107 license of chief pilot OR Certificate of Authorization from the FAA

How to apply?

Download the required documents below:

*Cloud City Drones is only accepting applications for entities in the United States at this time. Please contact for further support outside of the United States.

Send all required documentation to

Once the application is approved, you will receive an email directly from DJI with proceeding instructions for unlocking.

How long does the drone unlock stay valid? 

Drones will be unlocked for a minimum of five calendar years.

Sample Application for Reference

Feel free to directly edit the sample files!