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DJI Remote ID

Remote ID and DJI products

As we start to get more info from DJI we will update this posting.  Below is a recent conversation with DJI North America.

"The first requirements for Remote ID in newly sold products come into effect in mid-2022. For products you have already purchased, the requirements do not come into effect until mid-2023. We will have guidance for you as these deadlines approach."

"Would add for drones already purchased, it is DJI’s hope to be able to provide software updates to its drones to make them compliant with Remote ID. However, DJI must await finalization of technical requirements within the industry before determining which specific products it can upgrade via software updates to perform Remote ID. We may also need to prioritize the technical work for products that are being newly released in 2022, and that are still most popularly in use in mid-2023, which may be different from products being used today. Regardless, the FAA will permit an add-on module to perform Remote ID in the event DJI is unable to upgrade some of its drone products. For new drone products, during the next year, DJI will work to enable its products meet applicable Remote ID requirements by the relevant deadline."

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