DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew (Zenmuse H20T) - Cloud City Drones


DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew (Zenmuse H20T)

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DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew (Zenmuse H20T) - Cloud City Drones

DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew (Zenmuse H20T)

Product description

Extend your coverage with Enterprise Shield Plus Renew for H20T from DJI. For owners of Enterprise Shield Plus, Enterprise Shield Plus Renew adds an additional year to the extended warranty and gives you one replacement within one year of activating Enterprise Shield Basic Renew. 

NOTE: In order to be eligible for Enterprise Shield Plus Renew, your Enterprise Shield Plus coverage must not be expired, and you must have at least one replacement left under the original plan.

Activating Care Enterprise

After placing your order, your License key will be emailed to you roughly 24-48 hours after purchase.

You can activate your Care Enterprise plan by following this link: Activate your care

Please note these important details

  • You will need the serial number of your drone to activate Care Enterprise Coverage
  • You will need to activate your Care Refresh plan within 48 hours of activating the aircraft.
  • Care Enterprise will be linked to the DJI account used to activate the aircraft. Make sure you to only activate using the correct email, name, and phone number of the person who will handle any potential services claims.

If you should have any issues activating your DJI Care Enterprise, please reach out to our support team here: