Digitize the world

Analyze and visualize your environment with DJI Terra, a user-friendly mapping solution for industry professionals for professional generation of digital data from real scenarios.

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Plan. Process. Analyze and Execute. 

Mission Planning 

Data Acquisition 

Area Mapping 

Data Analysis 

Seamless workflows, precise results 

Unparalleled efficiency and ease of use

Easily import photos while effortlessly navigating the user interface.

With 1 GB RAM, up to 400 photos can be processed at the same time. This minimizes the waiting times in the field service and digital visualization.

Perform reconstruction missions using multiple graphics cards simultaneously to improve efficiency.

Meet and exceed your project standards

Generate detailed 2D orthomosaics and 3D models with improved accuracy by setting control points (GCP) and fixed points so that measurements and inspections can be carried out easily.

Review the mission's quality log to ensure the results are within your accuracy requirements.

Compatible and flexible

Export the coordinates of your maps and models to over 8,500 coordinate systems by simply selecting the output that suits your needs.

Use POS data, GCPs, or both data sources to generate georeferenced maps and models with improved accuracy directly in the desired coordinate system.

Mission Types 


Mission Planning 

Create efficient flight paths using predefined waypoint actions and adjustable parameters like altitude, speed, gimbal pitch angle, aircraft heading and more. For more complex and tight missions that require high attention to detail, use 3D Flight Visualization to design and simulate tasks on existing 3D models.


Mission Planning 

With just a few taps on the screen, you can automate complex missions, allowing you to seamlessly capture imagery which can be processed to produce a variety of maps and models for further analysis, and to aid decision-making.


Mission Planning 

When accuracy is essential and details are vital to your critical operations, Oblique lets you capture a rich 3D model data set by adjusting the angle of the camera at a tilted angle, giving you an extra crisp view of the asset.


Mission Planning 

Create automated flight missions around roads and railways by simply drawing a line on the map. Adjust mission settings to change the total area mapped, giving you the flexibility to choose between creating high-definition 2D maps and 3D models or quick overviews.


Seamless integration with DJI drones 

DJI Terra is compatible with the following P4 series drones: 

  • P4 RTK (remote control) 
  • P4P V2.0 
  • P4P+ V2.0 
  • P4P
  • P4A and P4

2D Mapping

Mapping in real time 

Real-time mapping offers the ability to quickly create a 2D orthomosaic of a selected area. This is ideal not only for creating detailed flight routes in remote areas, but also for jobs with limited time windows.

2D reconstruction 

Generate high-resolution orthomosaics for precise measurement results for important projects.

Multispectral 2D reconstruction

Process multispectral images to generate vegetation indices such as NDVI or NDRE, which provide insights into the health of plants and help in making important decisions about vegetation management.

3D Mapping

Real-time point cloud data

Especially when efficiency is important, you can generate and visualize a 3D point cloud of the target area without spending a lot of time. Make decisions based on the preliminary model and immediately check the completeness or plan 3D flights on site.

3D reconstruction 

Get a crisp and realistic representation of an area. This technology can be used for a variety of industrial applications, such as construction progress and accident reconstruction.

With region of interest, the reconstruction can be carried out for specific target regions. This in turn saves processing time and improves efficiency while generating a clearer model or point cloud.

Terra license plans 


  • Multi-GPU reconstruction 
  • 3D reconstruction 
  • 3D planning of flight orders 
  • 3D point cloud rendering 
  • Control points (GCPs) 


  • Everything in Advanced & Per Plus:

  • Energy industry applications 
  • Detailed inspection